Become your own designer


It all started with an event in 2014 where I met an Instagrammer with some absolutely stunning images.

Behind my work in the fashion industry, I had a hunch that it could be used in another way that was yet to be discovered.

I quickly got the idea of making scarves with a single photo print.

Scarves interested me because


A: they require no fitting


B: they're an ideal product as they can fit directly in a person's mailbox.

After more than a year's search, I finally found the factory that launched today. It delivered the quality and printing that could make for the perfect scarf - just as I'd hoped.

And best of all, there is no minimum shipment required and it offers extremely fast delivery.

My Brand Inspired by sells today in 5 countries and has its own webshop and showroom - and I'm extremely proud of that.

Today, SCAFOS is my "new" project because


I believe everyone should have the chance to create their very own scarf Brand.

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