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Wool/Silk - Natural, Elastic, and Simply Fab

Wool/Silk is an elegant blend that features a fabric ratio of 90% wool and 10% silk. Warm during winters and cool in summers, our custom-printed wool/silk scarves hold their shape when draped and return to their original shape naturally. We source premium wool from the beautiful continent of Australia which means you get nothing but the best. These high-quality custom-printed scarves sport designs dig deep into the fabric. This is how you get these amazing prints that are not only visible on both sides but are long-lasting too. Feel free to wear them to weddings, galas, and special events to impress your friends and peers. Scarves made using this fabric are the ideal gift for loved ones for every season. Please do note by default our custom printed wool/silk scarves on a square size have a machine-stitched hem on all four sides & the oblong scarves in this fabric are machine-stitched along the length with frayed fringes running across the width.

When designs are printed on Wool/Silk, there is a natural tendency to mute the vibrancy of the colors and this is not a mistake, it is characteristic of the process.



$ 70