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Custom Printed Linen Scarves

Our cotton/linen/modal blend takes the silky lustre and smoothness of linen and combines it with the cushioning feel of cotton and the super softness of modal - presenting to you a truly exceptional blend. Scafos' cotton/linen/modal scarves are custom-printed and feature a unique blend ratio of 60% cotton, 20% linen and 20% modal. This skin-friendly blend gives you the freedom to wear this scarf in any season, both indoors and outdoors. Our high-quality prints are not only long-lasting but simply gorgeous when dyed on this fabric. The fabric stays wrinkle-free and does not form and creases when draped, excellent at retaining its natural shape.

You can either order a single piece or have your own design-based printed linen scarves wholesale delivered to your preferred location. Please NOTE that by default our custom printed cotton/linen/modal scarves of square sizes have a machine-stitched hem on all four sides & the oblong scarves in this fabric are machine-stitched along the length with frayed fringes running across the width

Scafos lets you Order Linen Scarves Wholesale for your B2B ventures



$ 55