Experience Comfort and Style with Custom Printed Modal Cashmere Scarves

10% Cashmere Wool, 90% Modal Fibres, and Your Favorite Design - The Perfect Scarf Blend


  • Scarves created using a blend of Cashmere wool and modal are known for their versatility and comfort. Cashmere is warm, soft, and gentle on the skin while modal adds a flax smoothness with a good drape to it.
  • Our Cashmere/Modal blend features a fabric composition of 10% cashmere wool and 90% modal fibers, which results in a supple finish and a super soft feel.
  • Now, you can add a personal touch to these already luxurious scarves by getting your favorite designs printed on them. The prints will be visible on both sides of the scarf, making it unique and stylish.
  • In addition to their comfort and style, these scarves are also known for holding their shape well and having a naturally high dyeing capacity.
  • Available in 95 X 95 cm and oblong sizes, with frayed fringes on all four sides or running across the width only, you can choose the size and hem that suits your style best.
  • Upgrade your winter wardrobe with a Custom Printed Modal Cashmere Scarf today.
  • We suggest using an image that has a resolution of 300 dots per inch (DPI) and is in the RGB color space.





$ 60