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Colourful lustrous fabric that glides smoothly into place

Cupro (Bemberg) Fabric – Perfect plant based replacement for Silk also known as BEMBERG SILK.
Made from fibres with a smooth surface. With its beautiful lustrous colours and unique textures, Bemberg creates a sense of presence.

1. Fabric is soft touch and drape are the closest to silk.
2. Its fine, lustre makes the most suitable material for high-class fabrics.
3. Its superior moisture absorbing and anti-static and the garment does not cling to the body.
4. It breathes body temperature like cotton and used as a silk substitute. 

You can now get your custom printed Bemberg scarves with no minimum order or get any number of scarves delivered based to you on your needs. We also ship our Bemberg scarves in wholesale to your preferred location and take orders for custom bemberg scarves with logos or any other designs of your choice. Please NOTE that scarves in this fabric (in all sizes) have a machine-stitched hem.

Material: 60% Bemberg, 40% Modal
Care: Dry Clean Only



$ 55