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Organic Cotton - Pure, Natural, and Soft

At Scafos, we believe in being completely transparent to our buyers. Your trust matters and we do our best to appreciate it by conforming to the most ethical standards of production. Our custom printed organic cotton scares are made without the use of genetically engineered seeds, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. It's lightweight, pure, soft, and completely natural. It's delicate to the touch, perfect for every season, and ideal for sensitive skin types. We believe in combating climate change by starting at the grassroots level and our organic cotton fabric paves the way to that. Scarves made from organic cotton promote healthy soil fertility through crop rotation. Workers in the production pipeline are exposed to zero toxic chemicals, thus improving the quality of their livelihoods while building a biologically diverse agriculture. Please do note by default our custom printed organic cotton scarves on a square size have machine-stitched hem on all four sides & the oblong scarves in this fabric are machine-stitched along the length with frayed fringes running across the width. Additionally, all our organic cotton scarves are GOTS-certified.

Organic Cotton


$ 55