Our vision is to be the leading global maker for scarves down to one piece.

Quality is something that should not be overlooked when purchasing a scarf, and we show our customers that they can have a high quality scarf for a reasonable price, that even has personal sentiment attached.


High Quality

Low Quality

SCAFOS Revolutionising The Custom Scarf industry

It is of utmost importance to SCAFOS to operate within fair trade regulations. For our fabric and material selections, we adhere to fair-trade certified regulations for all business dealings. The on-demand print takes place at our partner factory which operates under fair trade production conditions.

The Founders

Scafos is owned and operated By three person team of seasoned professionals


Production Director

Production Director and originator of the idea of Scafos who strongly believes in operating a brand that is dedicated to offering sustainable fashion with negligible waste.


Sales Director

Sales Director and voice for the vision behind the SCAFOS brand.


Marketing Director

Marketing Director and Creative who is passionate about establishing a solid factory to consumer approach.

Our Brand Story

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, SCAFOS was established to allow a new approach in scarf making. Our purpose is to provide a unique customer experience matched with progressive techniques that make our fashion-forward buyers a part of the design process. By doing so, we make it possible for a scarf to imprint a memory that can last a lifetime.

If you envision it, we can transform it into a high-quality article of clothing that will bring you joy each time you drape it lovingly across your body. A photo, a painting, even a child’s artwork. Anything is possible with you as your own SCAFOS scarf designer.

It all started in a meeting between a fashion brand and a scarf manufacturer in 2017. The idea was simple: to make it possible for everyone to design their own scarf. Once the image is uploaded by the customer, our on-demand printing begins from just one piece, and we allow our customers to select the fabric and size of their preference.

This initial meeting of the minds between Rasmus, Susanne and Atin quickly blossomed into the SCAFOS brand that our customers know and love today.

With SCAFOS, it’s our personal mission to provide more than just a hands-on approach, we want to give our customers the opportunity to become the designer of the scarves they’ll wear proudly.

Our Name

The SCAFOS brand name has significant symbolism behind it. Ultimately, it’s the culmination of what the brand means to us and what it represents to our customers.

SCA \ Representing our first product, scarves
F \ The forefront of our brand mission, revolutionizing the concept of custom scarf printing
O \ Online
S \ Sale

When you string these together, it provides our company name and represents the special meaning as a company : SCAFOS

The Future Of SCAFOS

SCAFOS has exciting plans for the future of our brand and aims to increase our brand awareness by providing customers with a high quality unique product that speaks for itself

The Future of SCAFOS is to be a Truly Sustainable Company

We Want to

elevate our team to their highest potential,

and continue to show our employees that they work with us and not for us.

As a socially-conscious brand who truly cares, we will continue to lead by example and be kind to the environment.

Our customers can feel good knowing that when they wear our products, they are brand ambassadors for a company that allows them to be creative and is for a good cause.