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Custom Cashmere Scarves

Cashmere is a lightweight and comfortable fabric ethically sourced from the wool of Kashmir goat. It's considered to be one of the top luxurious fibers for manufacturing scarves and offers classic style and elegance. Scarves made from this fabric are easy to wear and can be designed in various styles. One of the biggest benefits of Cashmere is its insulating properties which are up to three times stronger than Sheep's wool. The fabric is a versatile choice for fashion-conscious connoisseurs, keeping you warm during the winters and cool during summers. Our Cashmere Yarn is 55gsm. Simply upload your designs, select the size, and we'll get your scarves ready in no time. By default our custom printed Cashmere scarves on a square size have a machine-stitched hem on all four sides & the oblong scarves in this fabric are machine-stitched along the length with frayed fringes running across the width.

When designs are printed on Cashmere, there is a natural tendency to mute the vibrancy of the colors and this is not a mistake, it is characteristic of the process further the natural base of this fabric is beige which is the yarn in its natural form.

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