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Silk Twill

Silk Twill is a lustrous, durable and lightweight fabric that combines the utilitarian strength of the twill weave with the natural strength of silk...Learn More


Cashmere is a lightweight and comfortable fabric ethically sourced from the wool of Kashmir goat....Learn More


Wool/Silk is an elegant blend that features a fabric ratio of 90% wool and 10% silk. ...Learn More


Cotton/Silk blend fiber became popular in the 1800s when hybrid fabrics were being invented. ...Learn More


Our cotton/linen/modal blend takes the silky lustre and smoothness of linen and combines it with the cushioning feel of cotton with the super softness of modal...Learn More

Organic Cotton

At Scafos, we believe in being completely transparent to our buyers. ..Learn More


Modal/Silk is incredibly luxurious, lightweight and silky smooth. It breathes, absorbs water, is shrink resistant and holds ...Learn More


Lyocell is an environmentally friendly fibre made from wood pulp. It is easy-care, soft, silky, kind to the skin, and has a lovely sheen.Learn More


Cashmere is a lightweight and comfortable fabric ethically sourced from the wool of Kashmir goat. Our Cashmere/Cotton Fabric is ...Learn More


Cupro (Bemberg) Fabric – Perfect plant based replacement for Silk also known as BEMBERG SILK. Made from fibres with a smooth ...Learn More

Light Silk

The feather-light weaves in our lustrous silk will exhibit delicate designs, intricate patterns and bold brocades. The milieu of motifs ...Learn More


Scarves created using a blend of Cashmere wool and modal are known for their versatility and comfort. Cashmere is warm, soft ...Learn More

Organic Cotton Duck Canvas

Comprised of 100% Certified Organic Cotton, this cotton duck canvas is as Eco-Friendly as it gets. Fabricated from environmentally friendly material ...Learn More